Photo By : Alberto Vargas (  CLICK ARTWORK FOR ALBUM  )

Photo By : Alberto Vargas (CLICK ARTWORK FOR ALBUM)


atown~o~mas [au·ton·o·mous] {ôˈtänəməs} adjective

  • having self-government, at least to a significant degree."the federation included sixteen autonomous republics"

    • acting independently or having the freedom to do so. (ex.) "an autonomous committee of the school board"

      synonyms: self-governing, self-rulingself-determiningindependentsovereignfreeunmonitored

      "an autonomous republic"

    • (in Kantian moral philosophy) acting in accordance with one's moral duty rather than one's desires.




     Ale Febles, better known by his stage name Atownomas, was born on May 3rd 1990 in the Long Island College Hospital of Brooklyn, New York. His parents separated due to infidelity when Alex was about two years old. Like many urban hispanics living in East New York at the time, the family struggled to make ends meet. Alex’s father eventually turned to illegal dealings to make fast money. At the age of four, after continuously running into trouble with the law, his father and a couple of friends were arrested. Refusing to betray anyone, he was given the longest sentence and was then deported back to the Dominican Republic.

     With both Puerto Rican and Dominican roots, Febles grew up surrounded by hispanic music, culture and a lot of family. It was from there that his infatuation with large crowds and his love for music was born. “I wouldn't be so good at making music if it wasn't for my rhythm, and I got my rhythm from the music that I listened to growing up,” he says, “whether it was hiphop from my cousin or salsa and reggaeton from my mom.” 

     Like many boys, he enjoyed wrestling and dreamed of one day becoming part of the NBA. He was always charismatic and a leader in his own way, although more sensitive than most people around him. Hurting from having no father figure in his life, he found himself wanting to express himself at a young age without knowing how. Slowly he started becoming more poetic at school, but it wasn't until his cousins introduced him to hiphop that he realized his love for music. Wanting for others to listen to what he had to say, he began rapping at an early age. 

               (Alex’s love of big crowds was just beginning. “I wanna feel like the king of rome,” he said, “that’s my ultimate dream.”)

     He learned how to put words into rhythm and how to write about personal experiences. For Alex, vulnerability was strength. He thought about his father constantly and used music not only to escape his pain, but also to express to others what he was going through. He looked up to any artist that he felt was doing  the same, saying something of importance. He had finally traded his childhood dream of being in the NBA for his real dream, to make a difference.

     Over some time Alex decided on his stage name, "Atownomas" meaning “Atown no more” in Spanish. “Atownomas” is also similar to the word “autonomous”, meaning “acting independently” or “having self-government.” He went on to plan gigs for the group, networked with many people, and educated himself on the industry. 

     Creating relationships with other local artists, businesses and brands, he became very well known and loved in the community. His belief in everyone growing and making it together instead of working against each other was infectious and the basis for his phrase #LOVEISLUV. “You are your network," he said, “your network is your net worth.”  Atownomas became a household name in the prospering Brooklyn Hip-Hop scene when his project “Its too Late” dropped in 2014. Alongside fellow Brooklynite Chelsea RejectAtownomas went on to open up for legendary artist’s Method Man and Redman. Performing at several east-coast Smokersclub shows in 2014. Chelsea and Atownomas have also opened up for acts such as Jay Electronica, B- Real of Cypress Hill, Buckshot, Smiff n Wessun and more. Their track “So High” gained critical acclaim by the likes of Hot 97 and XXL.

Atownomas is set to drop his next project this coming summer.  



                                                                                                                             Written By : Melissa Delossantos & Paul Bogosian